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Meet Our team

Ultivara has its roots in farming. Our CEO owns a farm in upstate NY that grows hemp. Many of us have spent countless hours planting and harvesting hemp plants. Our real passion is helping young businesses grow. As you read our bios below you will see that most everyone on our team has owned their own business at one point in time and know the challenges that are faced. We look forward to sharing our collective experiences and knowledge with you.

Josh Allyn

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Josh Allyn, our lead investor, brings 18 years of experience in the cannabis and hemp community. Josh has a strong vision for the future. He believes hemp has the ability to change the world. In addition to Ultivara, Josh owns Tap Root Fields, a hemp farm located in Skaneateles, NY. Josh will use the farm to grown CBD hemp as well as grow fresh fruit and vegetables for food barren zones in Central NY.

Lee Buttolph

COO – Chief Operations Officer

Lee brings over two decades of experience in business strategy and leadership. After two tours in Iraq as a Marine Corps Communications Officer, Lee bought his family’s wholesale lumber company. After selling that company, Lee went back to school, taught military personnel how to start businesses through the SBAs Boots 2 Business program as well as work with startup tech companies out of a business accelerator in Syracuse, NY.

Ben Reilley

 Advisor – Management

Ben has years of experience in management working as GM for various F&B Brands. He started Life of Reilley Distilling and Wine Co, LLC in 2013 became the first distillery on the East Coast to produce a canned cocktail – DISCO LEMONADE, which was acquired last year. He currently hold equities in 5 companies as business advisor.

Steve Masiclat

Advisor – Data & Analytics

Steve is Ultivara’s Director of Research and holds a grad program director position at Syracuse University. An expert in digital media design, he was a 2007 IBM Fellow studying audience behavior in global media. His last published papers are in applied mathematics for UI design, and AI and machine learning to facilitate complex data matching.

Shashank Roy

CPO – Chief Product Officer

Shashank come with a balance of technology and business background. He is a computer engineer and has worked in founding team of various technology companies. He co-founded RepHike in 2016 and raised VC-capital to build a marketing platform which was acquired in 2019. 

Olivia Goldstein

VP – Sales

With nearly a decade of experience in startups, nonprofits, and government, Olivia knows how to lead creative initiatives to successfully drive growth and build brands. Before co-founding RepHike, she lived and worked in the leading enterprise startups in India, Moscow, and DC.

Jed Goldstein

Operations Manager

Jed Goldstein has extensive experience working within the influencer marketing space, specifically on managing campaigns and operations. He has managed over 200 partnerships between brands and influencers. In addition, he has work experience in the hemp industry from trimming to supply chain.

Abhishek Vijayan

Technical Consultant

Abhishek Vijayan is a Software Engineer with over 4 years of experience in building AI systems. He has worked with several large corporations and startups throughout his career and worked on state of the art Machine Learning applications. He is an expert in Natural Language Processing, Image and Speech recognition and Deep Learning.